The first step toward the siding is what we call Aluminum covering Works, that incudes Fascia, Soffit and eavsestrough


The roof and eavestrough inspection is part of our basic process to make sure the standards are followed through and to give accurate value to our warranty. We inspect, install then inspect again.
Having a roof and eavestrough inspected will break it down into a science and help the owner make a wised decision. Roof draining and ventilation are one of the main services we offer and we made it our mission to ensure you have the flawless roof that can withstand to elements for years to come, this is why we keep Eavestroughing one of our valuable duty


Installation - Cleaning - Inspection: Here again the home inspetion standards, brings its value to a frequent and necessary task that is the gutter cleaning and unclogging. During the eavestrough cleaning 10 points are been inspected and checked.

Why it’s Important to Make Sure They are functioning properly? : Call them eavestroughs or gutters; anything that prevents water damage is very beneficial to a property owner. In some parts of the world, eavestroughs and gutters are used interchangeably. However, they may not necessarily mean the same thing. Eavestroughs, also known as rain gutters, are surface water collection channels fitted along the eaves of a roof.

The obvious difference between the two is that a gutter has a broader meaning than aneavestrough. As observed from the name, an eavestrough is simply a gutter that is fixed at the edge of the roof, essentially fixed on the eaves of the roof. They have a very specific task ofdirecting the roof water or precipitation away from your property. Gutters can also mean repositories where water flows through once it is collected. When referring to water harvesting, you will need gutters. If the goal is to just direct the water away,eavestroughs will do.

Rain gutters come in various designs. The most popular are the K-style and half-round designs. Leaf barriers are also becoming a popular alternative because they feature curved lips and anarrow slot. Common materials are aluminum, vinyl and copper.

Why is it important to ensure they are functioning correctly? : Eavestroughs play a critical role. Even though the water might seem harmless, the more it accumulates around your property, the more it becomes a potential risk. If you don’t ensure that the troughs are operating in optimal capacity, you will not get the best out of them. Here are reasons why you need to keep them in tiptop conditions.

Prevent potential water drainage issues : Directing rainwater and precipitation away from the property plays an integral role in keeping the property intact. In the simplest way possible, it prevents the water from potentially seeping into the building, destroying your property or potentially causing unwanted damage.

Failure to set the eavestroughs correctly means that the water will likely flow through the roof and onto the exterior of your property. Doing so can destroy your sidings, damaging the aesthetics of the home. Wooden sidings can start rotting once they are exposed to rainwater while vinyl ones will start discolouring. The water could also destroy the garden around the property because the water will easily erode the soil. Worse, it could saturate the area near the foundation, causing issues with its integrity. If the water falls through the wall or falls very close to the house, the splatter will end up on the house,making it unsightly.

Prevent flooding : Roofs collect a large amount of water. Allowing the water to be deposited near the house can easily cause unnecessary flooding and puddles of water. Melting snow has a similar effect on the surroundings. The idea is to direct the water into the drainage system where it can safely be removed from the neighbourhood.

Eavestroughs usually have several drainage points, which help control the flow of water to keep it smooth even when it is handling high volumes of water. During installation, the roofer should use the correct material and design. The contractor should fasten well around the eaves to ensure that it can handle high water volume, especially during flash floods.

During installation, the eavestroughs are set in a way that they drain the water efficiently. If they are not properly set, the water could easily overwhelm them, causing significant damages.

Inspection and maintenance of the troughs will ensure that the water flows as designed. Even though it is one of the most unpleasant jobs, regularly removing leaves and other debris is imperative.

You can prevent the accumulation of dirt on the troughs by installing a leaf guard. The leafguard is simply a sieve placed on top of the troughs to prevent the leaves from entering the rain gutters, potentially blocking them.

Leaf guards make eavestrough cleaning much easier. You don’t need elaborate cleaning of the gutters. If the leaves are not getting into the troughs, it means the risk of clogging is virtually non-existent. This will save you time and the related cost of hiring a professional to clean.

Leaf guards must be checked occasionally to ensure that they are not blocking. Some leaves take longer to decompose blocking the small holes in the guards. They may also act as conveyor belts to slow-moving water, encouraging it to flow over the troughs. Maintaining the guards is much easier than normal gutter cleaning.

To keep your home safe from water and moisture damage, you need your eaves troughs in pristine conditions. We install new troughs for residential and commercial buildings. We also offer other services such as cleaning, installing leaf guards, and repair services for the entire drainage system. If you need any roofing service, we are just a call away.

Gutters are an integral part of a home’s drainage system. During a rainstorm, roof gutters route runoff from a very large surface—a home’s roof—to where it can drain away from the house. By doing so, they protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements.

For our customers , we plan to clean the gutter system every spring and fall—more often if your roof is directly beneath trees. The best time to clean gutters is during spring time and after fall winds have blown leaves from the trees but before rain has made the leaves a soggy mess inside gutters.

Bonus : For cleaniless matter and to take advantage of the season and pressure washer availibility we make a whole cleaning solution at a fair price, that covers EAVESTROUGH CLEANING and SIDING PRESSURE WASHING.



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